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Auto Windshield Repair


Windshield repair is one crucial repair you do not want to delay! The initial damage to the glass spreads due to weather conditions, especially extreme cold! Temperature changes, along with the pressure of the wind as you drive, can create a lot of stress to the initial chip or crack. In addition, small cracks can accumulate dust and debris over time and make repairs difficult to repair. One of the damage repair services we provide can stop and clear up visual damage more effectively than the average windshield repair systems other repair companies use. Once we seal your chip or crack there will never be spreading damage to the area we repaired. Don’t delay! If damage spreads and you have to replace your windshield (paying your deductible or straight out of pocket costs) it will cost you more in the long term. Take action now and repair your windshield before the damage gets worse!


Note if you have a crack in your windshield and it goes to any edges of the windshield it is not safe to repair! Some companies might tell you that it is but we are here to tell you it is a safety hazard and that is not safe to repair. Be aware of those companies who say it can be fixed, it can’t!


If you need to replace your windshield call Tony’s Dent Solutions and we will refer you to our industry partner who can!


Tony’s Dent Solutions uses a special spectrum injection system that utilizes the PRISM technology, glass technology’s latest innovation for producing the highest quality repairs. PRISM technology ( pre-resin injection suspension method) this allows our service technicians to use resin to seal the glass cracks and chips leaving a substantially clearer repair. The resins we use are top of the line. Diamond clear resins are designed to seal and cure cleaner and they come in different velocity settings depending on the outside temperature to cure accordingly and better than single stage resin.


Call now for a free repair quote! Pricing according to size and nature of repair.


With repair pricing starting as low as $60.00 it sure beats spending up to $300 for a new windshield.


When there is a lot of rain and moisture in the air the moisture gets trapped inside your chip or cracks, when winter comes this moisture freezes and expands creating non repairable damage. The pressure of the wind as you drive also has a huge affect on the spread of damage. Once you professionally seal a chip in your windshield, the damage does not spread. Call Tony’s Dent Solutions to schedule a cost effective and timely repair of your windshield glass before you find you have to spend a lot more money to replace your windshield.




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Get your windshield glass repaired before it needs to be replaced and save the planet! There are over one hundred tons of glass from auto windshields discarded in our landfills each year.