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Dent Repair

What is paintless dent repair?


PDR or paintless dent repair is the process and art of removing door dings, hail damage and other minor dents from a vehicle without sanding, filling or painting. It is achieved by reverse panel access. Our service technicians accomplish this by gaining access to the inside skin of the car metal and meticulously massaging the damaged area with an advanced set of tools specifically designed for this type of repair. Our technicians need to be very skilled and have a trained eye to repair the dent to a flawless finish. PDR or paintless dent repair is generally 100% cheaper than a traditional body shop repair, plus it is quick and efficient.


Paintless dent repair or PDR!


These services provide an alternative to bodywork so no there is no need to match your vehicle’s paint or compromise the factory finish of your car.


Tony’s Dent Solutions fixes any sized ding ,dent and or hail damage. Pricing ranges depending on the size and extent of the damage. Pricing is very competitive and the best in town, So call and get a free quote. You and your vehicle are very important to us!


Pricing of dent’s are based on five categories; location of the dent, size of the dent, depth of the dent, access to the dent and whether it is an aluminum panel.These five categories dictate how the vehicle surface and dent repairs are priced. Take a picture at a 45 degree angle and text or email us the picture for a free instant quote.


Please note that if you are given a price via picture the price could change lower or higher depending if the photo missed details that could adjust the time frame of the job”cracked paint ,stretching of the metal etc….” Tony’s Dent Solutions will work with you on price, we are not here to get every dollar we can from our customers we practice no pressure sales as we strive to make each and every customer 100% satisfied!



If you have a lease or rental that has damage, do not turn it in without getting it fixed on your own this will save you money from your insurance rates going up or paying out of pocket at retail bodyshop prices or using your deductible. Call us, we are here to save you money and to get you the best repairs!


We look forward to hearing from you soon. You won’t be disappointed in choosing us, we guarantee it 100%!